Posted by: Bill & Gayle McCord | February 24, 2010

Top 10 Things NOT to do before buying a house

Hopefully, you are taking advantage of the expanded and extended Home Buyers Tax Credit.  If so, you are buying a house.  So, it might be helpful to know things NOT to do before buying a house:

  1. Buy a car

    Don't make any major purchases prior to buying a house. Seriously.

  2. Buy expensive jewelry
  3. Buy furniture
  4. Buy appliances (don’t buy anything big!)
  5. Move money around
  6. Change banks
  7. Go on a vacation
  8. Change jobs
  9. Quit your job
  10. Pay for your daughter’s wedding

These may seem like obvious things to avoid right before making a major purchase, but you’d be surprised how many times home buyers just don’t realize how complicated they are going to make their loan as a result of one of those 10 purchases/uses of money.

Your job is to make your lender‘s job as easy as possible

Think of it like this: Your job as a buyer is to make your lender‘s life as easy as possible.    You see, your lender’s job is to know where all your money is and how it’s being used to ensure that you have sufficient funds to close on the house.  So, when you move around money, spend large sums of money, or terminate your income, you are making your lender’s life (and potentially yours when you fail to get your loan) miserable. AFTER you buy your home, you can plan that vacation or help your kids tie the knot.

Something you can do before buying your next home

Get pre-approved.  Buyers who have been pre-approved by a qualified lender have more validity with sellers. Get the peace-of-mind that comes from knowing you are qualified to purchase your next home by completing this form.

Just another tip from our home to yours.  Hope it helps!



  1. […] this extended and expanded tax credit includes sellers, too.  So, if you are moving up, you know what not to do before you buy your new home.  However, what should you do to sell your house? We know it’s not always an easy decision […]

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