Posted by: Bill & Gayle McCord | February 26, 2010

Weekend Recipe: best bundt ever

This bad boy is the Heritage bundt pan ($35) from Williams Sonoma, but you can find cheaper ones at Target.

Best  Bundt Ever: The poppyseed cake

This recipe has been in our family for years. Like last week’s dip, people usually eye it suspiciously, then dig in for seconds and thirds. Maybe it’s because they can’t say “bundt” (think My Big Fat Greek Wedding).  Anyway, another misconception is that  it is a lemon poppyseed cake, when in fact there is no lemon.

Poppyseed Cake:

1 Duncan Hines Butter Recipe cake mix                 1 c sour cream (we use low-fat)

¼ c poppyseeds                                                               1/2 c sugar

4 eggs                                                                                    1 t vanilla

2 sticks butter (1 c)                                                          *pow’d sugar and water for glaze

Directions: Mix sour cream, sugar, and butter first. Then add everything else. Bake in a greased 9×13 or a greased bundt pan (I highly recommend the bundt and chances are you’ll never have to say it out loud) for 40-50 minutes at 350 F. Cool for 10 minutes and take out of pan (you can leave it in the 9×13, but it’s not real pretty).

If you want, while still hot, pour on powdered sugar topping (see below).

*Topping/Glaze: (optional)

I don’t have specific measurements here- I just do it by feel. Take ½ c powdered sugar and add a tiny bit of water. Mix with a fork or whisk. Keep adding tiny amounts of water until you have a thick, but pourable glaze for cake. As long as you like the flavor and you can pour it, it’s fine.

Enjoy this weekend recipe from our home to yours.



  1. I LOVE this recipe- in fact, Kate brought back the cake mix from the US so I could make it for her bday cake in April!

    Love you guys-


    • You and I have always loved this cake – it is a favorite!
      Love you too,

  2. This is a great cake! Definitely worth making (and eating).

  3. Emily did make this cake for me and I love it. Its my favorite cake now! 🙂

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