Posted by: Bill & Gayle McCord | April 12, 2010

Making Spring Cleaning Manageable

Making spring cleaning manageable and doable

It’s well into April, and you may be feeling the itch to shake off the winter grime.  However, you may also feel slightly (or maybe incredibly) overwhelmed at the thought of delving right into a massive cleaning mission.  Here are some tips to make your spring cleaning manageable and doable:

  • As always, be reasonable in your expectations.  Chances are, you’re not going to perfectly clean ceiling to floor in one day, or even one weekend.  Plus, who has the luxury of devoting an entire weekend to cleaning (or if you did have a free weekend, who chooses cleaning?).
  • Make a list of chores that are important to you, and then prioritize them.  You may or may not be able to work exactly from that ordered list- for example, floors may be high on your list, but it’s silly to wax your hard woods if you’re going to touch up paint later on.  So, as a third step, alter the order of chores so that they don’t cancel out previous efforts.  As a point of inspiration, here are the 7 most common spring cleans.
  • Divide up your list as you have time to accomplish your tasks.  It may work to do a little cleaning each Saturday morning, or you may be able to do a little each day for a week.  Regardless of how you tackle your cleaning, work to your strengths.  For instance, if you need to work a little and play a lot, don’t sacrifice a beautiful weekend for cleaning.  You can always clean later, right?  If, on the other hand, you thrive on accomplishment, feed your soul and work a little each day until it’s done.
  • Involve the whole family.  It’s not just mom’s job to get organized.  More than likely, every person in the family contributed to the mess or grime, so assign tasks as appropriate.  Here are some kid-friendly chores that are both helpful and not asking too much.  Here are some great tips on motivating the family to work together and also keeping them on task.
  • Make sure you have the cleaning products you need on hand.  If you have small children, remember to keep them out of reach and consider making your own non-toxic cleaners.

If the idea of major cleaning just doesn’t appeal to you, try 15-minute clean-ups.  There’s no “right way” to get your spring cleaning done.  Hopefully, with these tips you can not only get through it, but also enjoy the experience as a family.

p.s.  My (Gayle’s) cousin’s daughter, Kathryn, is a personal stylist and is offering a spring cleaning discount for her services, which include closet organization and outfit pairing!  Check her out if you get a chance!



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