Posted by: Bill & Gayle McCord | April 14, 2010

Decluttering for organization and …better sleep!!

Spring Cleaning Part 2: Decluttering

I’m sure you remember our fabulous spring cleaning tips from Monday.  You’re welcome.  I am also quite confident you have already written up and prioritized your to-do lists.   Hmmm.

This room cries out: CLEAN ME! (not rest peacefully)

Well, while you’re at it, here is another possibility for you.  Decluttering.  We’ve recommended  it before, but for different reasons.  While decluttering your home is ideal for potential buyers trying to picture their lives there, it also serves another purpose: relaxation.  You may not realize it, but decluttering your bedroom, for instance, can help you relax more fully, and therefore get better, more solid sleep.  Sounds crazy, I know.  Here’s the rationale:

  • You want to go to sleep, so you snuggle into bed.
  • You fidget and start to toss and turn.
  • You lie awake, examining every moonlit crevice, thus zeroing in on dust and….junk.
  • So, instead of sleepily relaxing into slumber, your mind reawakens and assigns itself the job of mentally organizing your room.

Thus, it is essential that you actually organize said room so your mind can take a much-needed rest.  Start with making your bed and basic laundry needs and work from there.  Here are some great tips for continuing your decluttering mission.  After decluttering, try adding a sound machine (akin to this free white noise generator) to declutter your brain and help it turn completely off.  With luck, you’ll not only get your chores done, but also a great night of sleep!  Let us know.  😉



  1. Thanks for the helpful suggestions. Simple Mom is doing a spring cleaning week that is pretty helpful in this area too. I love her motto for decluttering: “Have nothing in your homes that you do not know to be useful or believe to be beautiful.”

    • Thanks for the link, Kate. After visiting you and seeing how you give away your excess stuff, I know you to really believe that to be true. 😉

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