Posted by: Bill & Gayle McCord | April 19, 2010

My trip to Scotland

Why Scotland?

I thought I’d share some of the highlights of my (Gayle’s) trip to Scotland while I’m still here.  You may know that our daughter, Emily, moved to Aberdeen, Scotland for Josh to pursue his PhD in Systematic Theology.  He is studying and writing on the relationship of the Trinity, specifically on the eternal generation of the Son.  If you know what that means, you probably have your PhD already.

While I have been overseas, Bill is keeping up with our real estate business and doing an awesome job!  We are praying that the recent volcanic activity in Iceland will not delay my return home in a week and a half.

The first week

Rebekah is on the go at all times, and Luke is more like his mama in his love for naps and need for sleep in general.  He is running now (fun to see since he waited to walk until 18 1/2 months!) and talking more and more, some of which we actually understand.  So, my first week here I adjusted to the jet lag quickly and jumped into the fun!  With Luke down to one afternoon nap and Rebekah off from nursery (aka preschool) for Easter Break, Em and I took advantage of the beautiful weather and visited some castles and parks where we ate lots of shortbread and watched the kids play.

Crathes Castle and HuntlyCastle

For more pics, check out Em’s blog on Crathes Castle and Huntly Castle.

Em and the kids at Crathes Castle

Em and me at Crathes

A fun lunch out in Banchory

Huntly Castle

Sweet Luke

Em & Beks at Huntly Castle

Rebekah and me at Huntly Castle

Us again



  1. Mom, it is fun having you here! Glad we got at least a few good days of blue sky. I appreciate all the cleaning and child-minding you are doing, too! So, if you do get “stuck here,” at least you can earn your keep. 😉

  2. Emily, it is delightful to be here with you and your family! This is a great place to be if I get stuck due to the volcanic ash – super great people to be with.(:

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