Posted by: Bill & Gayle McCord | April 21, 2010

More Scotland

A little background on Dunnottar Castle

You may be able to tell that the castle is almost level with where you start going down steps.

On Monday, I shared some pictures of Crathes Castle and Huntly Castle.  Today, I thought I’d show a few from our trip to Dunnottar Castle.  Even though we visited this castle last year, when Emily suggested going, the weather was just too gorgeus to to pass up.  Evidently, this is also the site where they filmed the Mel Gibson version of Hamlet.  Even though it is ruins, this castle is beautiful and intriguing.  You park not too far away and walk a little stretch to a gate where the stairs start.  Interestingly, the castle is level with where you are, but we have heard that the people who lived there cut away at the cliff for defensive purposes.  So, now you go down a bunch of stairs just to walk right back up.  Fortunately the view is worth the frustration of feeling counterproductive.

Dunnottar Castle

(Hill of the Otter, pronounced done-otter)

Emily wrote some Tips for Taking Kids to Dunnottar from her previous experiences there.

Rebekah & me

Em & Luke

Luke loved the wa-wa

I think the kids felt like experts, and thus qualified to give me a tour of their castle.

I also loved looking at the sea. I couldn't help but praise God for His ability to create such beautiful things.

Some of the ruins

For more pics of our trip, check out Emily’s blog.


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