Posted by: Bill & Gayle McCord | April 26, 2010

Scotland Trip: Luke’s 2nd Birthday

I have a couple days left until I fly back.  I thought I’d share a few more highlights from the trip, one of which was Luke turning 2!  I can’t believe he is already 2, such a cliche, but the time really has flown.  I feel like Billy and Emily were just toddlers, and many of you have seen them graduate high school and college, get married, and each have a girl and boy of their own!

Luke’s birthday party

Emily did an UP theme because Luke loves the movie and balloons.  It was really fun to be there- I wasn’t supposed to fly in until the 15th (2 days before his birthday and party), but Emily asked me to move my trip up so I would be there while Josh was away for a conference and Rebekah was off from preschool.  We are sooo glad I did change the flight because all flights on the 15th (and quite a bit beyond) were grounded due to the volcanic ash.  So, yea, for getting to be there!!  Check out Emily’s blog for more pictures (including the awesome art by RC Nigh).

Emily & the birthday boy

Luke finding all his balloons!

Emily's friend, Rachel, who did all the artwork for the party!

We were blessed with lots of friends and gorgeous weather!

Josh, Em, & Luke

Opening presents- Rebekah was eager to lend a hand!

Blowing out candles

The cake decorated for UP

Opening presents from family



  1. Thanks for the props, it was a lovely party!

  2. Hey, Mom! We have loved having you here- it is fair to say that both children adore you and even Luke asks for you over me (sometimes)! That is high billing. While I am relieved your flight is a go for tomorrow, I am still sad to say good-bye. We will miss you and eagerly are counting down the days to Christmas and our next reunion.

    Love to you both-


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