Posted by: Bill & Gayle McCord | April 28, 2010

The North Sea

A History of naps

Fortunately, Luke naps well all the time!

During the week Rebekah goes to preschool (called nursery here) while Luke naps.  On the weekends, she has “quiet time” where she’s not really that quiet, which drives Emily nuts!  If she does actually nap, it makes it really hard for her to go to bed before 10pm…not a good thing.  In fact, this weekend after Luke’s birthday party, all the Malones crashed for a long nap.  Emily nominated me to wake Rebekah up.  You may not know that Rebekah and I are sharing a room…and a bed!  She normally bounces me awake pre-7am.  So, when I awakened her, I yelled, “Hey, Rebekah!  It’s time to wake up!  Do you want to wake up with me?!”  Indeed she did.  🙂

The Beach

Well, one weekend it was just too pretty to waste on a nap- for the girls anyway.  So, while Josh read and Luke napped, Emily, Rebekah, and I went to the beach- one of Rebekah’s favorite spots.  We played in and around the water (still pretty cold- it is the North Sea) until we got too cold, then we got ice cream!  Nothing like it to warm you up.

Beach on an uncharacteristically beautiful Scottish day!

Such a happy little girl!

Rebekah loves playing in the freezing cold water.

My Scotland Girls

{If you’re reading this on Wednesday, then I am in the air, flying home. Please pray for safe travel and good
rest, so I can recover from jet lag as quickly as possible. Thank you in advance!}



  1. Loved having you here, Mom!!! Get home safe.

    • I loved being with you and your family Emily! Thanks for making it a wonderful trip!

  2. So funny!

  3. […] found some pictures from my Mom’s trip I never posted.  While Josh was away at a conference, Mom and I took the kids all over the city!  […]

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