Posted by: Bill & Gayle McCord | May 3, 2010

Trip to the Scottish West Coast & Isle of Skye

West Coast & Isle of Skye (purple island off the west coast)

A trip within the trip!

One of the things Emily planned for my trip here was a trip out to the Scottish West Coast.  Josh and Emily had been wanting to go, and I was up for anything, so we scheduled a long weekend away my last few days in town.  We drove 4 1/2 hours to get there, and I had the pleasure (ahem) of squeezing into the backseat with Rebekah and Luke.  Luke’s favorite 2 words are “No!” and “Moo-mie” (movie), so we watched a lot of DVDs in the car.  🙂

Our cozy quarters.

The drive really was gorgeous- we headed out of Aberdeen (NE coast of Scotland) and west to the west coast.  Even though it’s not really that many miles, the trek through the Cairngorm Mountains and many windy, twisting country roads definitely do slow you down.  We loved all the sheep and newborn lambs grazing on rolling hills or even on sharp cliffs- what a sight!  Luke loved spotting all the wa-wa (water) and Rebekah looked for Nessie throughout the trip.

Friday:Isle of Skye & Eilean Donan Castle

We crossed the bridge in Kyle of Lochalsh so we could head into the Isle of Skye– an island off the west coast of Scotland.  We visited Dunvegan Castle, and while the drive was magnificent, the castle was slightly anticlimactic.

Sweet Rebekah

Em & me at Dunvegan Castle on the Isle of Skye

We brought the kids back to the lodge to nap, and we all ended up taking some sort of a nap. After we got up, we hurried to Eilean Donan Castle, which was much more interesting! Just look at the pictures!

Eilean Donan Castle in Dornie on the West Coast

Another view of Eilean Donan- it was restored in the 30's and was a great tour!

Josh, Emily, Rebekah, & Luke

Funny Rebekah

Rebekah really loved setting the table and being her mama's helper.

She also likes matching her clothes and laying them out for optimal viewing and appreciation of her talent.

{For more pictures, check out Emily’s blog, too!}


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