Posted by: Bill & Gayle McCord | May 5, 2010

Plockton, Scotland!

I thought I’d do a few more posts on our trip to the West Coast.  After we drove to the Isle of Skye on Friday, we decided to do some kid-friendly activities closer to our lodge in Plockton.  We toured the tiny village of Plockton, went on a sea boat trip, and even a highland farm.  Here are some pics from Plockton and the seal boat.  I’ll do the farm next week.

Plockton & Calum’s Seal Boat Trip

We really liked Calum’s Seal Boat Tours– he was a great tour guide and let the kids drive the seal boat.

Rebekah & me

Love the red phone booths!

Em & me

Em & her family

Em & Luke

Em, her kids, & me

Rebekah driving the boat!

The promised seals



  1. I like that you are wearing a huge coat and gloves, Gayle, and everyone else is just wearing a jacket. 🙂 That’s how we know you’re not from around these parts. 🙂

    • You’ve got that right Miss Kate – I was freezing the first day of the trip to the West coast!! The other days were much warmer.

  2. Mom was really proud she didn’t have to wear the wear long johns!

    • Yes, I was – I did much better this year about staying warm in less clothing . . . could it have been warmer?

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