Posted by: Bill & Gayle McCord | May 26, 2010

Videos of the grandkids

For some reason, the videos are not showing up…working on it…

Next week, I’m going to post on Bill’s pond project in our backyard- prepare yourselves for an impressive result!  This week, though, I thought I’d show you some fun footage of the grandkids.  This time, I’m focusing on the boys…sometime soon, I’ll be sure to feature the girls!

Rebekah & Luke

I’m sure you recall that Rebekah and Luke live in Scotland with our daughter and her husband, Josh.  Josh is getting his PhD in Theology at the University of Aberdeen and hopes to teach in the States upon completion in 2 years.  Here is Luke singing recently with his daddy.

Riley Jane & William

We are so blessed to have Riley Jane and William in Texas!!  Our son, Billy, lives in the metroplex and his wife, Becky, takes care of the kids.  Riley and “Ibbie” are both so fun and smiley!!  This one is of William.


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