Posted by: Bill & Gayle McCord | May 31, 2010

The digging of the pond {and before pics}

I mentioned I was going to post on  Bill’s backyard project and the digging of the pond this week.  I am sure you were on your toes, just waiting to see!  Well, wait no more…you may recall that we moved last summer.  Our new yard had tons of potential- we enjoyed seeing the summer blooms, and Bill decided to wait for the winter freeze to see what he would change.  He knew he didn’t like the paving on the edges and that a pond was a must.  In all honesty, it was a tough decision because we sure love having our grandchildren over, and since none of them is over 4, adding an unfenced water source is somewhat dangerous.  However, we keep the back door locked at ALL times unless one of us is outside, and Bill is vigilant about guarding the grandkids, never letting them outside alone.  So, his vision took hold and he began digging this spring.  A lot of the work was done while I visiting Emily’s family in Scotland, but I still able to see the process and the progress.  As Bill says, when you remodel (or change an existing structure), you’re always in for a surprise, and usually it costs you.  This was no exception, and our surprise was that our yard used to boast of a swimming pool!  Who knew our lush green grass covered a pool?  I don’t think it cost us much money, but it did cost Bill some time as he reworked his plan and expanded the pond…no surprise there!  Anyway, here are the pictures of the yard BEFORE any digging took place:

Before Pics

The view out the French doors off the sun room

Same basic view, just a better shot of the angle (more to the right)

This is directly outside our bedroom, off the patio.

Digging the Pond

Yes, this is quite enormous...

Fortunately, Bill had an eager helper in Riley Jane.

Couldn't resist posting her in her "work" clothes.

Everybody needs a little break time...

Again,very helpful.

Smiley Riley

Bill was able to finish digging, lining, and filling the pond, not to mention adding a waterfall and beautifying it with rocks, flowers, and lily pads the day before our neighborhood party (that I missed due to changing my trip dates to be in Scotland…which ended up being a great move because of the volcanic ash).  Whew!

You will NOT believe how beautiful the pond turned out…you’ll have to check back on Wednesday to see it!



  1. Why are you leaving us in suspense?! 🙂
    Did he dig that with a shovel himself or did he have some help? That looks like a LOT of work!

  2. It will be worth the suspense as the pond and yard are truly beautiful!! He dug a 45′ lagoon himself at our last house but had this one dug for him. He has still put many hours in to the finishing of it with rocks, a waterfall, plants, and flowers! Let me know what you think –

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