Posted by: Bill & Gayle McCord | June 16, 2010

Emily’s Cone Flowers

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Iowa City

You may recall that Josh and Emily lived in Iowa for 2 years and had both babies there.  They loved their house and community in Iowa City.  Their bungalow 1930’s house was adorable and had a bed of wild flowers in the front.  We visited for the first time for Rebekah’s birth, and Bill built window boxes for them, as well as a stone patio.  Other friends had already helped them cut back the weeds, and after Bill laid the patio, Josh leveled out the back yard with 2 tons of dirt and rolled it, then planted new grass.  It was a lot of work for everybody, but the result was beautiful!

Josh & Emily's house- you can see their flowers, too!

Bill was infatuated immediately!!

So was I!

She has always been long and skinny!

The window boxes & stone patio

Bill built these boxes from scratch and planted the flowers.

Bill also carefully laid out all these stones to make this patio. You can see why Josh needed to level the yard and plant grass!

Their house after Josh worked on the front yard, too!.

Emily’s Cone Flowers

As a surprise to Emily, we just sent her these pictures of the cone flowers we took from her front bed and planted at our old house.  Bill was able to replant them (again!) at our new house!!

A few cone flowers...

A whole bunch of them!



  1. I love this post! I really did love that house and still miss it something crazy. There will always be something special about where you brought home your babies. Dad did an incredible job on the boxes and yard – I was heartbroken to leave it all…I am so happy y’all still have the cone flowers, tho!

  2. That’s so sweet!! Everytime they come back, they can see their pretty Iowan flowers! Love that!

  3. How adorable! I love the cone flowers. So sweet that you transplanted them.

    • We love having them in our backyard – great remembrance of Emily’s Iowa City days!!

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