Posted by: Bill & Gayle McCord | June 23, 2010

Go Nigeria!


Bill’s Mission Trip to Nigeria

Last week Bill returned from our church’s 9-day mission trip to Nigeria.  Bill has always been a lover of Africa and continues to be fascinated by their way of life (and of course the wildlife!).  In the 80’s Bill spent 20 days in Zimbabwe on a safari.  Just one day shy of 3 weeks, he called it 2 weeks, and I called it 3.  🙂  This trip was much shorter and for a very different purpose.  Rather than thrill-seeking, big-game hunting, this Nigeria trip was more about sharing the Gospel message to the down and out natives of the area and attempting to meet their physical needs, as well.  Jesus was not afraid of the poor, but rather he loved them and served them and told them about the kingdom.  Bill was thrilled to be a part of Jesus’ team in loving His people.

The Schedule

The team had a lot of diverse people groups and activities appropriate for that group.  Bill was delighted to see the ministry in person since he is on the “Go Nigeria” board at our church, Grace Bible.  A Grace family Peter and Miriam Fretheim and their 4 children live in Nigeria, and there is quite a lot going on there-  greenhouses are being built to grow produce that is sold to places such as the Hilton to help make the ministry self sufficient.  There are ministries to the orphans, widows, prostitutes,  a wheelchair ministry, those in  prison , crisis pregnancy, hospitals, and the list keeps going.

Additionally, Bill said the team visited an area that had recently suffered a brutal attack and that the surviving adults were dead in the eyes, even if physically alive.  On the other hand, the children were eager to greet and play with strangers.   So incredibly sad.  You watch movies like Hotel Rwanda, and it just doesn’t seem real.  Surely no one really lives that…surely women and children aren’t raped and beaten on a regular basis…surely children aren’t recruited into guerilla armies…surely genocide isn’t real.  Surely it is.  As easy as it is to get down on life on the US, I simply cannot imagine life in Africa.

Come quickly, Lord Jesus.

I am waiting on pictures, so hopefully, I can post them and some stories on Wednesday.

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