Posted by: Bill & Gayle McCord | June 28, 2010

Go Nigeria Pics: Teach a Man to Fish…

I finally got my hands on the pictures a team member took…if you know Bill, you know that he did not take a camera.  🙂  So, we have been waiting to see some of the work that the team did.  As our daughter told us after looking through them herself, the pictures are both breathtaking and heartbreaking at the same time.  You can see such joy and such need in the same moment.

The team

The Grace team consisted of Carrie, Bill, Peter, Rose, Kate, and Rick.  Rick and Carrie are engaged, and we are excited about that!  Bill first got to know Rick when I was visiting Emily and family for Luke’s 1st birthday, and it’s through this friendship that Bill has learned about and grown to love the Go Nigeria ministry.   Bill had a great time with these guys.

Carrie, Bill, Peter, Rose, Kate, and Rick

Teach a man to fish….

One of the coolest parts of the ministry in Jos, Nigeria is how they teach and support local business. For instance, the natives are learning to grow plants and raise animals so they can have self-sufficient businesses. They sell some of their plants to the Hilton. It’s the whole teach a man to fish concept.

I am not surprised to see Bill in several of these pictures. Not exactly camera-eager, Bill still couldn’t help but be drawn in to the action at the farm and greenhouses. This is his thing.

Bill at the Genesis Farm

The Genesis Farm and the greenhouses are for the locals to grow and sell animals and plants so they can support themselves.

Bill inside the green house...literally sizing up the place. Gardening is one of Bill's many specialities.

A view of the farm

Water...a crucial element of survival and business.

Check back on Wednesday for some pictures of the ministry to widows, orphans, and prostitutes.



  1. I LOVE, love, LOVE seeing Dad there!!!

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