Posted by: Bill & Gayle McCord | July 7, 2010

Go Nigeria: Our hostel & the scenery

Our hostel

The hostel the team stayed in was very clean and nice, especially when you compare it to the surrounding poverty.  Interestingly, I think we do minimize our own wealth, forgetting how much we really do have materially. Some of us may live pay check to pay check, but rarely do we worry about whether the water is clean, or if there will be enough for our family.  So cliche, but it’s a great reminder of how rich we truly are- rich in worldy ways, but so much more importantly, rich in Christ.

The grounds

The view beyond the grounds

A team meal at the hostel

View from the hostel

Things you see in and around Jos, Nigeria

You can see why Bill has left a bit of his heart in Africa.  I think it will always be so.


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