Posted by: Bill & Gayle McCord | July 12, 2010

Rebekah’s 4th Birthday!

Happy 4th Birthday, Rebekah!

Today is our first grandchild’s birthday!  She turns 4 today, and we wish we could give her a birthday hug and kiss!  As it is, she is in Scotland with Josh, Emily, and her little brother, Luke, as well as her Nana and Papa.  Happy 4th birthday, sweet girl!

Rebekah and Luke

Experiencing my first grandchild {Bill’s perspective}

Gayle and I were at a listing appointment when we got the call Emily had delivered Rebekah and we headed straight home to pack to leave the next day. We left about 2am as we were both awake and pumped for the 13 hour drive and I remember feeling kind of numb with the actual fact we had a grandchild. I had about halfway listened when other people talked about how much fun their grandchildren were and I had no idea how much fun was in store for us. After meeting Rebekah and holding her a few times she quickly became “Twinkie” to me and I could not quickly remember her real name when asked by someone at dinner one night. I became so smitten with this little bundle that we stayed much longer than planned which is highly unusual for me when staying with someone else.

Time passed quickly and we watched Twinkie over the next 4 years grow into a very mature little girl with an incredible vocabulary. Some of the endearing things that stick out in my mind about this little “nut-bug” are:

-Pounding her tiny feet on the wood floor before she could roll over

-Saying “baaaa” really loudly as some of her early vocabulary

-Learning to clap with Nana and looking to see if we were all watching when her music started

-Always game to try a new word such as paramecium or chrysanthemum and getting very close

-Sitting on the back yard swing reading Mr. Brown can Moo with her occasional upward glance to see exactly who it was reading

-Her eternal excitement about anything to do with airports and the next adventure

-Hearing her sweet voice say “hi Grandy’

-Her love for Luke and how helpful she is

-Hearing her sing anything—priceless

-Her enjoyment of school and meeting new people

-Her inquisitive nature

-Learning a new principal and applying it correctly

-Early command of the English language and I have always been stunned with this one

-Initial love of animal crackers in that tired little circus box

-Her love of the outdoors and insisting we find a bug at the park a new home on a different tree

The list could go on, but please know this Twinkie—I love you dearly and am pleased and proud to have you for my granddaughter.


Experiencing my first grandchild {Gayle’s perspective}

–      I learned the joy of being a grandmother when I first held Rebekah in my arms – she took hold of my heart and hasn’t let go.

–      I discovered a second kind of love that is love at first site which is the love I have for my grandchildren – thank you Rebekah for introducing me to this amazing love!

–      As busy as I love to be, I could sit and hold Rebekah for hours just looking at the tiny changes in her facial expressions as she slept.

–      The pleasure I felt the first time she recognized me.

–      The joy I received from her naming me Mamama as she tried to say Grandmamma which she, Riley Jane, and Luke all three call me!

–      Her love and care of Luke

–      Her beautiful smile

–      Her precious heart

–      Her hugs

–      Her creativity

–      Her quick mind

–      Her love of dresses and dressing herself

–      Her excitement over gifts and laying them out for display

–      To make cookies with her

–      To read to her

–      To share chap stick, tic tacs, peppermints, and sips of my Sonic drinks

I love you, too, Sweetheart!

And, finally, a brief trip down memory lane…

Rebekah’s birthday
Rebekah’s 1st birthday
Rebekah’s 2nd bday in south TX
Rebekah’s 3rd bday in Scotland


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  2. Aww! How fun to read both perspectives! I like the pics from the previous birthdays. Wish you could’ve been here for the Par-Tea. It was fun.

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