Posted by: Bill & Gayle McCord | July 21, 2010

More 4th Fun!

4th of July Celebrations

On the 3rd of July as Shiner always celebrates the Saturday before the 4th, we went to the parade which was rally fun- it included tractors and very proud little boys driving some of them along with princesses from the various towns, police, hospital, etc.  They threw candy and gum to the kids to pick up and put in bags.  If you know Riley, you won’t be surprised that she got the hang of it pretty quickly!  We had lunch with Becky’s family at their house and then I went with the guys to check out the Methodist camp that John may do some work for – great country!  Billy told him if he did it full time (they are building a house that will be furnished that they could live in), they will be down twice a month to visit.  John asked if he could have that in writing- too funny!  They could fish, swim, train the dogs, etc.  We went back to town for the cook off – next year Bill, Billy,and friends Casey and Justin may be participating in it!  Then it was back to Becky’s family’s house and all but the grandparents went swimming at the rec center which is on Becky’s parents’ street.  Another yummy dinner and then visited till time for the fireworks which we watched from their neighbors’ yard – great display!  Just before it started I was holding Riley Jane whose was just about asleep.   Well when the fireworks started, she was quickly sittting down with her cousins Becca and Tyson.  Each time she saw  a new display of fireworks in the sky she would say “Daddy, boom!  Daddy boom!”  She was really in to the fireworks display!

Bill, Ibbie, & John

William Charles McCord Jr, III, & IV

Billy & his father-in-law

All the cousins!

Billy & Riley

Riley figured out to grab the candy pretty fast!

Becky & Riley

Shiner Fire Truck

Billy & Riley

Billy. Becky, & Riley

Curly Riley


Billy & Ibbie

Ibbie snuggling Bill

Riley & Tyson

Watching fireworks


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