Posted by: Bill & Gayle McCord | July 26, 2010

A new ministry you have to hear about!!

New Life Opportunities/Prostitution Diversion Initiative

I am very excited about a ministry opportunity and want to share it with you. This ministry was founded by a Dallas Police Sergeant, Louis Fellini. It has been operating for about 2 years and is now getting national support and recognition because it is the only initiative of its kind. It is called New Life Opportunities/Prostitution Diversion Initiative. (PDI)

After years of picking up prostitutes, booking them and putting them in jail only to see them back on the street again on the next round up, Sgt Fellini decided to try something new. Since he knew that these women were usually also addicted to drugs and had no skills or source of income other than selling themselves, he knew in his heart that they were victims rather than criminals. What if, instead of throwing them in jail, he could provide a way out of this lifestyle?

Very simply (though it is far from simple), once a month the Dallas police go out and round up prostitutes “on the job” and bring them to a central location. Here in one big holding area, these women come in, go through an assessment via questionnaire by volunteers to find out what that particular woman’s situation is. She is taken to a mobile clinic and tested for STDs and AIDS and gets meds if needed. Also, there on the spot is a Dallas municipal judge who can waive the woman’s charges if she agrees to go through drug rehabilitation and/or to enter Homeward Bound, a 45-day living situation with mentors to help her in her quest to become drug-free, learn life skills, get a job, and change her life forever.

Now if all of that isn’t wonderful enough, it gets better:

MANY of the volunteers are believers who want more than anything to introduce these women to Jesus. So, many of the volunteers are doing their part to bring God’s love to these women who need it so desperately.

For an incredible testimony, check out Karen Green’s story.

I think this is an incredible opportunity to live out the gospel message and am so excited as I have begun serving with this group.  Stay tuned on Wednesday for pics from an workshop I attended!



  1. Gayle,

    Wow! What a great involvement! I believe Karen gave her testimony at our church within the past year. Amazing! And that might be the organization a friend of mine ministers in. Watch for a lady named Chris Davis as you get involved.
    I’ll be eager to hear more about what you’ll be doing.

    Thanks so much for being apart of celebrating my mom on Friday. A sweet group to have here! I loved it!

    Blessings this fine Monday, and love to you!

  2. Thanks Kathy – it is an amazing ministry to be a part of as well as fabulous opportunity for these women. It’s exciting to see how the Lord is working in their lives!
    Love to you too,

  3. Yes, Chris Davis is a champion of this ministry. She is a dear, dear friend of mine and an inspiration to all who know her. I am so blessed to have a small part in this life changing ministry. God is using it mightily.
    Debi Condra

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