Posted by: Bill & Gayle McCord | July 28, 2010

Ministry Pictures

Prostitute Diversion Initiative

I shared with you on Monday about a ministry I am really excited about, a ministry to rehabilitate prostitutes.  I was able to attend a quarterly luncheon a few weeks ago and was truly touched as I heard former prostitutes share their stories and how the gospel transformed their lives.  One woman kept her eyes downcast as she shuffled across the stage.  She was demonstrating what her life was like before she trusted Jesus and how she viewed herself.  She then went on to share that what helped her get over her shame and disbelief that God could love her was knowing that He knew all her sins even before she committed them and loved her anyway!  Nothing was a surprise to Him.  This knowledge allowed her to seek forgiveness and place her trust in Jesus.  Isn’t that wonderful??

Here are some pictures from that luncheon- about two-thirds of the women attending are in the rehabilitation program currently or are recent graduates.  Again, I am so thankful that one police officer saw these prostitutes as women who needed a Savior more than drugs or even rehabilitation.


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