Posted by: Bill & Gayle McCord | August 4, 2010

Rebekah’s 4th birthday

Rebekah’s 4th birthday

I thought I’d share a bit about Rebekah’s birthday.  I experienced it the same way- through pictures on a blog.  🙂  Emily wanted to throw Rebekah a Cupcake Par-Tea because Rebekah loves tea and fancy, big-girl things.  I believe it was a big hit from what I saw.

(Em’s blog for cupcake recipes and how-to’s on the party)

The craft, gift, & party favor table

Pom Pom Tissue Decorations

Emily made scones

And lots and lots of cupcakes!

One of Emily's friends got tons of china FREE! They used it at the par-tea and gave some away as favors.

That same friend made these adorable cupcake aprons for the girls!

Emily, Phyllis, & Rebekah

Excited about her presents!

Special Pancake breakfast!



  1. thanks…

    …for sharing the BD pix! Looks like a fun, creative, happy time!
    A Tea Party in Scotland is a Birthday to remember!
    Happy day, and love,

    • I know they had a great time – it does look like such a fun party!!

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