Posted by: Bill & Gayle McCord | August 16, 2010

My friend in Scotland!

Rinda Visits Aberdeen!

Our very dear friend from church, Rinda, went through Aberdeen a few weeks ago on her way to meet up with her brother and his family.  She has done mission work in Romania, but spends the winters in the States (not a bad idea, if you ask me!).  Anyway, on her way through Aberdeen, she was able to spend a day  with Emily and her family!  Emily and the kids picked her up at the airport Monday morning and then toured campus, St. Machar’s Cathedral, Seaton Park, and the Cruickshank Gardens.  Like Bill, Rinda is a lover of nature and flowers and was awed by the beauty of all the flowers in such a cool land.

Flowers they admired at Seaton Park

More flowers

Rinda liked all the different heights in the beds.

Such pretty colors!

Look how tall they are!

Rebekah warmed right up to Miss Rinda (aka Mamama's friend)

Rebekah and Luke liked when Miss Rinda swung them!

All that to say, Emily will take care of you if you go through Aberdeen!


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