Posted by: Bill & Gayle McCord | August 18, 2010

Happy Birthday, Bill!


Bill and I were high school sweethearts, so I have been around for a lot of birthdays…and if you know Bill at all, you know that birthdays mean very little to him.  He’d rather ignore the whole deal.   In spite of that, he has a family that adores him, so this is my online chance to tell Bill all of us love you and Happy Birthday!  We all love  how much you love your family,  how you adore the grandchildren, and we love how funny you are.  I have loved growing up with you, watching our children grow up, and now the pleasure of watching our grandchildren grow up!  The years have flown by for sure.  Here are some favorite snapshots of Bill in action!  I love you Bill!

2006 with Rebekah

Bill and Becky 2007

Bill with Luke 2008

Bill and Ibbie

Us with most of Billy's family

Working on wheelchairs in Nigeria

Building the pond with Riley

Bill with Rebekah and Luke



  1. Happy birthday, old man! I sure love you and hope you have a great time tonight with Billy, Becky, Riley, and Ibbie! Wish we could be there.


  3. Happy birthday Bill! Hope I get to meet you someday!

    • I hope you do too Kate – thanks for the good wishes for Bill!

  4. Great Pictures! Tell Bill I said Happy Birthday!

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