Posted by: Bill & Gayle McCord | September 15, 2010

How We Met

The Story of Us

May of you know that Bill grew up in Dallas and has 10 brothers and sisters in the area!  It’s amazing that they’ve all stayed in the Dallas- Fort Worth metroplex all these years with few temporary exceptions.  I also grew up in Dallas, but in a much smaller family.  In fact, Bill and I met back in high school and were friends before we dated.  His sister, Helen, and I didn’t really like each other until we roomed together at a church camp- we became best friends and since Helen was already best friends with “Billy,” he was part of the package.  We were creek buddies and knew each other so well, that it didn’t take long for us to start dating and fall in love.  Now, 35 married years later (plus a few of dating and college), we still spend time with the same people!  Meeting for dinner at El Fenix has been a McCord family tradition for years, and while I wish we did it more often, I am at least gad it’s still part of our lives.

Ibbie, Becky, Helen, Kathleen, Heather, and me

Heather, Korrin, & me

Bill at the kids' table with Kendall (Heather's daughter and Kathleen's granddaughter)



  1. I’ve always envied your family all being so close and the fact that they love being together. Fun post, thanks for sharing.

  2. I’m glad you enjoyed it! I also enjoy getting together with my cousins, aunt, and uncle on my side of the family – doesn’t happen as often as I would like it to but I love all time with family!!

  3. I agree with Phyllis! Its always a blessing when you not only love your extended family, but you like them too. I really like that you and Bill were high school sweethearts too.
    Also, you are Becky look really pretty in these photos! Where’s Riley Jane, though?

    • Thanks Kate! Riley Jane was sitting with Bill while Ibbie was with us.

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