Posted by: Bill & Gayle McCord | September 29, 2010

Riley Doodles’ 3rd birthday party

Riley Jane turned 3 on September 5th.  Still hard to believe.  She was her usual cute self and Becky was her usual creative self- she made a sweet birthday banner and she and Riley chose “pink” and “sea horses” as the theme.  How fun!  There was a big turn-out and it was fun to see family and mutual friends, as well as their friends we don’t know as well.  How about some pictures?

Riley’s Pink Sea Horse Party

Bill with William (aka Ibbie)

Bill, Ibbie, Stephen (my cousin's son-in-law), and his son Bauer

Becky, Riley, some kids, and the cake!

Two of my cousins' daughters (they are cousins!), Kathryn and Whitney with Bauer again

Becky & Riley opening presents (notice the Texas A&M game on TV...sigh)

How we love living close enough to Billy, Becky, Riley, and Ibbie that we can be a part of their weekly lives!  (Hint, hint, Josh and Em!)


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