Posted by: Bill & Gayle McCord | October 18, 2010

Happy Birthday, Ibbie!

William C. McCord, IV is one!

William turned 1 yesterday – what a fast year it has been! He had quite a birthday party with lots of friends and family there to celebrate!   Bill and I are blessed to live only 30 minutes away from Billy, Becky, Riley Jane, and William which makes it delightful to be a very active part of their lives.  He stole my heart as my other three grandchildren had done at first site!  It was fun to be at the hospital and get to hold him not too long after birth.


The day Ibbie was born


Ibbie seemed to like Mamama pretty well right from the beginning so we’ve gotten to have lots of snuggle time, and I have loved to give him his bottles just to be able to hold him during that time.  It was fun seeing him smile, watching him roll over, learn to eat food, tear across the room at a fast army crawl, and just be a happy little fellow.  Ibbie is dearly loved by all, but he and Riley Jane have an awesome relationship!

Bill and I had the privilege of keeping Ibbie for a week while Billy and Becky took Riley Jane to Florida.  We loved getting to know him even so much better than we had before.  We had lots of fun times with him over the week!   It was so precious when he and I went to DFW to pick them up.  Riley Jane hopped in the back seat to see Ibbie who just broke out laughing when he saw her – they were so glad to see each other!  Becky told me that Riley Jane had a dream while gone that she went to B and Mamama’s house to get her Ibbie!

B and I sure do love you Ibbie!

*Ya’ll make sure to stay tuned for Ibbie’s birthday pics!



  1. That was the happiest birthday!! I feel so lucky to be his mom!!

    • As I feel lucky to be his grandmamma! As my Daddy would say, “he’s a keeper!”.

  2. Happy birthday William! Glad you guys had a fun party!

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