Posted by: Bill & Gayle McCord | December 1, 2010

December with the Malones!

Today Bill and I are driving to meet Josh, Emily, Rebekah, and Luke halfway between Dallas and Victoria to pick them up to spend most of the month with us!  We are sad to take them away from Mike and Phyllis, but so happy to spend some time with them ourselves!  Bill is looking forward to having some outdoor buddies, and I am looking forward to reading with the kids.  I can safely say that we are both excited about time with our daughter and her family and catching up with them.  Plus, it will be great fun to see all 4 grandkids together!  Rebekah is 4, Riley is 3, Luke is 2, and William is 1.  Christmas should be fun (and crazy!).

All of us last year!



  1. We are sad to lose the family, but so thankful they are excited about spending time with you in Dallas. Have a wonderful time with them. Snuggle those kids for Nana, too. I’ve enjoyed reading to both children – they listen so well!!

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