Posted by: Bill & Gayle McCord | January 10, 2011

Meet My Network: Travis Fergurson {5 Money-Saving Tips!}

Meet My Network

Welcome back to Meet My Network Monday!  You’ve already met some fabulous colleagues of mine  from my networking groupGlenn Colley with WR Starkey and Brian Burcham with Burcham Insurance, and Cheryl Williams with Hexter-Fair, as well as Bill and myself.  This week I am proud to introduce you to Travis Fergurson with  Four Seasons Air Conditioning & Heating, my Air Conditioning and Heating go-to.  Plus, he’s offering a discount to all my readers, so make sure you check that out below!

5 Money Saving Tips

  • Tip #1Change Your Air Filter. Did you know that the #1 reason for air conditioning equipment failure is a Dirty Air Filter?  Imagine if you were running a marathon in the hot summer.  If you covered your mouth and could just breathe through your nose,how would you perform?  How would that stress your heart?  A dirty filter is like giving your system Asthma.   Would your home get all the airflow it needs to heat and cool your home?
  • Tip #2Keep Your Outdoor Coil Clean.  Restricted air flow can give your compressor a heart attack!  Were you aware that a new compressor might cost you $1,500-$2,500?  Plus, it will make you overpay your electric bill.
  • Tip #3Have Your Freon Level Checked.  Did you know that a 10% Freon shortage can increase your electric bill by 20%?  On a $200 per month electric bill, that would be $40 per month.
  • Tip #4Keep Your A/C Drain Clear.  Have you ever experienced a damaged ceiling or floor from you air conditioning drain stopping up?  How much would your new hardwood floors cost to replace?
  • Tip #5Use The Coupon Below. Is it time to have your heating and air conditioning system serviced for Safety and Efficiency?

Call and take advantage of $27.00 OFF any Service Repairs or Safety & Efficiency Tune-ups.  Call and ask how you can receive Priority Scheduling, plus 10% Discounts on Service with our Priority Membership Program.

{Coupon offer:  $27 Off Any Service Repair     One coupon valid for one repair.    Promo Code GMKW     Expires 12/31/11}

Travis Fergurson

Four Seasons Service Co.

2430 Merrell Rd.  Suite 103

Dallas, TX  75229


Licensing Number: TACLA013422E



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