Posted by: Bill & Gayle McCord | January 24, 2011

Meet My Network Monday: Dustin Randle {3 Computer Tips Every User Should Know!}

Meet My Network

Welcome back to Meet My Network Monday!  You’ve already met some fabulous colleagues of mine  from my networking groupGlenn Colley with WR Starkey and Brian Burcham with Burcham Insurance, and Cheryl Williams with Hexter-Fair, as well as Bill and myself.  The we heard from Travis Fergurson with Four Seasons Air Conditioning & Heating and Ron Mussett with some good news about taxes.  This week it’s Dustin Randle with Paragon It Solutions.


Paragon IT Solutions is a full service IT company focused on assisting small to mid-sized companies, as well as individuals, navigate their way through the complex technology challenges they face.  This often includes various computer repairs, hardware and software sales, developing business solutions, designing websites, and offering hosted services, such as online backups, email, and web hosting.

Life is definitely full of uncertainties and the technology that we rely on is no different. From viruses and hardware failure to mishaps and theft, one can suddenly be faced with a serious computer crisis. While these things are sometimes unavoidable, there is quite a bit that can be done to safeguard your data in the event of an emergency.

3 Easy Tips Every Computer User Should Use

  1. Everyone should use a reputable anti-virus product, both Mac and PC users. Some of the best ones are even free. While this seems like a no brainer, you would be surprised how many people fall victim to viruses on a daily basis. However, even with the latest and greatest anti-virus protection, viruses often disguise themselves as a notification that may seem legitimate. The best defense you have against viruses is your own common sense. Make sure that you read notifications that come up on your screen before clicking through and never open suspicious email attachments or download files from websites you don’t trust.
  2. Keep your PC or Mac updated. Even though updates are kind of annoying it is really important to keep your computer up to date. A lot of those pesky updates are security patches that keep your computer or laptop protected from malicious activity.
  3. Back up regularly! Because data loss is always unpredictable it is extremely important to backup your system, especially important data or sentimental pictures and music. Back ups don’t have to be difficult. For as little as $10 a month you can subscribe to an online backup service, such as the one paragon provides and not even have to worry about it. This service is simple, automated and best of all affordable.

Contact Dustin today at 972-510-5448 or for a free consultation to discuss your technology needs or take advantage of our back up services.



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