Posted by: Bill & Gayle McCord | February 7, 2011

Meet My Network Monday: A Car Sales Guy You’ll Like!

Chris Culbertson: Subaru of Plano

Not all car salesmen are created equally.

My name is Chris Culbertson and I work in sales at Subaru of Plano. I sell both new and pre-owned vehicles. My goal is to help my clients make a wise and fully-informed decision when purchasing a new or used vehicle and to keep the process as simple, painless and enjoyable as possible. Many people become nervous, intimidated, or otherwise put off by the thought of buying a car. But it shouldn’t be that way! The cars we drive often become a part of our identity, and an extension of ourselves and personality. They can certainly become part of our “extended family” in a way. With a little research and planning, purchasing a new vehicle can be an exciting and rewarding experience!

Here are a few things to think about when looking for a new car:

  • “What is most important to me in my new car?”
  • “What will I be using the car for primarily?”
  • “What secondary duties will I also need it to be able to perform?”
  • “How long do I plan to keep the car, and will it meet my needs for that long?”
  • “What do I like about my current vehicle, and what do I not like?”

And also think about these things:

  • Safety, Reliability
  • Performance, and what that word means to you (i.e., fuel economy, horsepower, etc…)
  • Resale value (a good indicator of both reliability and future desirability)
  • Overall value for the money spent

I encourage all of my clients to take their time, read Consumer Reports, and reviews from other third-parties.

One question I hear frequently is “Chris, what is a Subaru? I’ve never seen one.”

And that’s OK! Without going into great detail here, all Subarus share unique mechanical traits that make them significantly different than other vehicles. We use an engine that is referred to as a “Boxer” engine, which is different in design than an inline or V-shaped engine. It is sometimes referred to as a “flat” engine. The design of a Boxer engine gives it a greater tendency for reliability, performance, and even safety.

Also, every vehicle we sell in the U.S. is all wheel drive. There are significant differences in the way we design our AWD system versus other manufacturers. We call it “Symmetrical All Wheel Drive” because it literally is symmetrical. The entire left side of the car’s powertrain is a virtual mirror-image of the right side, which increases stability, traction and control. It is simple and yet elegant in design, and very efficient. There is always at least some power going to each of the 4 wheels, while the amount of power sent to each wheel will vary depending on road conditions and the level of traction each wheel has at any given moment.

This is Texas. Do I really need all wheel drive?

Absolutely! Consider this: If All Wheel Drive makes your car handle better in bad weather, how much better will it handle in good weather? Subaru has remained faithful to all wheel drive because we believe it is an important safety feature. You have four wheels, use all four of them! After all, isn’t avoiding an accident all-together better than simply surviving one? All wheel drive will help you maneuver better, meaning if you need to react quickly to dodge an accident your car will be much more proficient in doing so – even on good, dry and flat pavement. And, yes this is Texas. The weather changes quickly. Our roads become slick and slippery when the rain starts to pour. The first time you drive a Subaru in a thunderstorm, or the next time it does snow or sleet or ice here (as seen in the last few days), the benefits will become very obvious.

I’m in the market for something else. I need a used car. How can you help me?

I sell both new and pre-owned vehicles. Our dealership keeps a wide variety of quality pre-owned cars, trucks and SUVs from all brands. All of our pre-owned vehicles have passed a rigorous quality and safety inspection in our service department, and have clean vehicle history reports. Extended warranties are available on almost everything we sell.

I have less-than-perfect credit, and I don’t think I can buy a car.

Many people have been there before, including myself. More than likely, I can finance a vehicle for you even with less-than-perfect credit. Even if I can’t, I can at least put you on the right path to help you get a car loan. Your options may be limited based on your history, income and other factors – but I might surprise you with what is possible.

Your satisfaction is our #1 priority!

Customer service is extremely important to us! A large portion of my business comes from repeat customers and referrals. There are several benefits to doing business with Subaru of Plano, including loaner cars in our service department and free car washes for life for all of our clients! (Car washes are good for as long as you own the car.) We don’t believe in old-school high-pressure sales tactics, but we do believe in treating all of our customers like they are members of our family.

If I can be of service, I can be contacted at:

Chris Culbertson

(817)308-1706 – cell phone or



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