Posted by: Bill & Gayle McCord | February 11, 2011

Weekend Recipe: Valentine’s Day Links

In lieu of doing a recipe post, I thought I’d share some fun Valentine’s Day sweet treat links for you to browse through.

Valentine’s Day Recipe Links

Conversation Heart White Chocolate Bark

Cake Ball Pops– just use pink and purple and add conversation hearts on top!  You could even do cake balls in mini V-day cupcake wrappers!

Play Dough Cookie Pop– It’s not really play dough, just a fun way to shape the cookies!

Pioneer Woman’s Edible Photo Decal Cookies– literally take a favorite pic and celebrate your love by eating it!

A Valentine’s Day Recipe Site!  From chocolate-covered strawberries to a big cookie, this is the site for the sweet-lover!

Best Rolled Sugar Cookies– let us not forget the timeless sugar cookie!  Have fun rolling these out and cut out with hearts, of course!

Rachel’s V-Day banner

Rachel’s Valentine Bunting and Kinda Crunchy Kate has a great tutorial for making bunting, too.

Conversation Heart Chocolate Bark– Emily’s easy and fast V-day treat she and the kids made.

Tips for Scheduling a V-Day Date– ideas for getting a babysitter or having a date at home as parents of youngsters.

Valentine’s Aprons– a great gift for that special little girl in your life.

{And don’t forget our friend, Kinda Crunchy Kate, who is also hosting a weekend recipe.}



  1. Thanks, Mom, for the links. 😉 By the way, for the record, I never hated VDay as your daughter…you always had chocolates and fun stuff for us…I just didn’t like it as I got older and associated it with (not having) boyfriends. 😉

  2. […] Today Gayle has Valentine’s Day recipe links. Check them out! […]

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