Posted by: Bill & Gayle McCord | March 16, 2011

We love our grandchildren!

Did you know that?  We sure do love our sweet grandchildren!!  We thought it would be fun to give you a little update on each grandchild.

Rebekah: 4 1/2

Rebekah is still adorable, very loving, a huge help to her mama, a proud big sister and preschool attender, and a beginning reader!

Riley: 3 1/2

Riley is full of life, also a great helper to her mama, one of the funniest kids we’ve ever known, and pretty spunky.

Luke: almost 3

Luke has had a hard few months- glasses, a patch, worms (!?), loss of paci, and is newly potty-trained!  Through it all, Emily says he is a champ and very precious.

William: 1 1/2

William (aka Ibbie) has also had a hard few months with lots of illness, but he too is trooper and such a sweetie!  Plus, he’s walking now!



  1. I sure do love how YOU love our kids!!

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