Posted by: Bill & Gayle McCord | April 15, 2011

Easter Ideas for Small Kids

With Easter around the corner, I thought I’d share some fun activities you can do with your small children or even grandchildren!


Here’s a great free resource for thematic Easter coloring sheets.  Here’s another site you might prefer because you can print simple pictures with corresponding Biblical text, which helps you simplify the explanation of Easter.  Emily {our daughter} plans on reading about the events surrounding the cross in her children’s Bible first and then using the coloring pages to retell the story.

I also love this angel rolled the stone away craft she and Rebekah did last year:

Here’s a fun site for secular Easter crafts (bunnies, etc.) if you want to supplement.


Who doesn’t love an easy, yummy treat?  This site has great Easter-themed rice krispie treats, from eggs to bunnies.

Emily’s friend, Andrea, sent a great Resurrection Baking recipe, which looks so fun and incorporates baking and the story of Jesus!  Each step of making the cookies represents some part of the crucifixion or resurrection, including leaving he cookies in the closed oven (tomb) overnight and feeling sad about that (as His followers must have been).

The Weekend of Easter

Resurrection Eggs are the most creative way to incorporate the story of the death and resurrection of Christ within the tradition of an actual Easter egg hunt.


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