Posted by: Bill & Gayle McCord | May 11, 2011

Easter in Scotland!

As you hopefully know, I spent a lovely Easter with Emily and her family in Scotland!  I usually fly in on or around Easter, so it was a nice change to actually get to celebrate the resurrection of our Lord with them.  The previous day we enjoyed an American-style egg hunt on the gorgeous campus of the University of Aberdeen.  It was warmish and blue – perfect!  It was so fun watching both kids chase after eggs (and seeing Rebekah show off her new glasses!).  We then had a delicious fish lunch at a great fish ‘n chips restaurant.  On Sunday, Emily and I gave the kids their Easter baskets while Josh made omlettes and sausage.  We enjoyed a family service at their church and then had left-over chicken pot pie for lunch since we were doing our nice meal that evening.  Josh and Emily made roasted leg of lamb and twice-baked potatoes, as well as carrot cake cupcakes!  then, we visited with some of their good friends and I turned in early for my 6:40am flight the next morning.

Here are some fun pics in no particular order from the weekend!


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