Posted by: Bill & Gayle McCord | June 6, 2011

Ergonomic Tips for Recovering Wasted Energy

If you’re like me, you may feel dead-tired by the end of the day, even a good day.  Children and grandchildren aside, work can be exhausting!  Try these tips to reduce wasted energy throughout the day and recover your productivity- because if you know me, you know how much I love efficiency and hate wasting time!

Ergonomic Tips for Getting More Out of Your Day

Restore Good Posture – A neutral typing posture is one where your muscles are at their lowest strain or work. Good posture can keep you from wasting energy on strained muscles and a sore back. A well-adjusted, ergonomic chair will help you maintain good posture all day long. Make sure your back is well supported by resting your feet firmly on the ground and adding additional lumbar support if your chair doesn’t provide enough.

Stay Hydrated – Drink more water throughout the day, not only coffee or soda. Your body and your brain are primarily made up of water, so even slight dehydration will decrease your energy and productivity by 20% or more. Although your water requirements are specific to your weight and activity level, generally eight glasses of water per day is a good start.

Try an Ergonomic Keyboard – Like poor sitting posture, bad posture in your hands and arms wastes so much energy and can strain muscles. Ergonomic keyboards are designed to specifically improve hand posture and make typing more comfortable and efficient. Consider a left-handed keyboard or a mini keyboard to reduce stretching by bringing your mouse closer in. And the compact mini keyboard can decreases the energy used with each keystroke. You should sample several different designs and sizes to fine one that feels best to you.

Try White Noise – Most people lose up to two hours a day from interruptions and distractions at work from co-workers or from themselves. We spend a huge amount of energy trying to concentrate, but white noise can help. Start by establishing a distraction-free time of 30 to 60 minutes, depending on your schedule; turn off all your self-distractions, such as e-mail or phone calls, and turn on a white noise machine to block out office conversations. This will allow you to work with focused energy.  When time is up, quickly catch up on e-mail then return to your focused work.

Limit Energy-Draining Tasks – We all have to do tasks, or work with people, that leave us feeling drained. Determine what or who they are for you and be deliberate about how you approach them. Set aside short periods of time, maybe 15 to 30 minutes at a time, for this work and spread it throughout the day.  Be careful about the time of day as well. Some people do best right before their lunch break or afternoon break, allowing them time to recover afterward; others do best after break so they aren’t hungry and tired. Find a good time for you; and work on something you enjoy afterward.

We all encounter energy draining distractions and muscle strain throughout the day. Upgrading to ergonomic products can help reduce muscle strain and restore some of your lost energy and productivity, and changing your daily habits can help restore the energy that is wasted and get you back to a productive day.


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