Posted by: Bill & Gayle McCord | June 20, 2011

Stop Sitting!

Sitting is Killing Us!

Medical experts are now telling us that sitting is literally killing us!!  Besides having numerous health issues, the shocking thing about these findings {dramatic as they are} is that adding exercise to all your sitting just isn’t enough!  See below…

Sitting is Killing You
Via: Medical Billing And Coding

Easy Ways to Stand More!

Like I said, this is a pretty dramatic poster, but it does bring to light something we may have forgotten- we sit A LOT! I’m sitting as I type this. I sit when I meet with clients, I sit when I drive them around to look at houses, I sit when I take and make phone calls, I sit when I’m relaxing or eating a meal, I sit when I write contracts. I also exercise, but not nearly as much as I sit. That said, here are some easy ways to work in some extra standing so you can hopefully stay healthy!

  • Every hour, take a 5-minute standing break so you can stretch out, go to the bathroom, get a cup of coffee, etc.
  • Stand when you make phone calls.
  • When you find yourself getting tired or drowsy {2 or 3pm}, stand up and march in place or do jumping jacks.
  • If you need a moment to think through a problem or come up with an idea, take a stroll outside or meander around your office- there’s no need to sit to think!
  • Try an adjustable height ergonomic desk.  I know it’s an investment, but it’s just that: an investment.  Having a desk that lets you work sitting or standing allows you to be productive in either posture and will encourage you to stand more.  Plus, you’ll feel less chained to your desk and many report much better circulation.  {An added bonus is how much easier it is to collaborate with others in a standing position.}

I hope these tips help you as you think through how to work standing into your daily routine more!


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