Posted by: Bill & Gayle McCord | September 21, 2011

Emily’s Baby Shower

Becky, Julia {my cousin’s daughter-in-law}, and Antonia {a sweet family friend}  threw a baby shower at our house  for Emily and Baby Girl the night before Em and the kids left for Scotland!  We didn’t mean for it to be the last night, but it just happened that way.  Antonia made an incredible Mexican dinner for all the guests, and we had a ball catching up with friends and family.  I know Emily felt very loved and blessed by the people who came.  It was fun for us to see pink again and imagine what this little girl will be like!  We’re expecting her in about 7 weeks!

Diaper Cake Becky made!

Onesies and hair bows Julia made

Rachael & Sarah- great friends from Josh and Em's college ministry days

Some of our family- tons on both sides were able to come!

Emily, the kids, and me 

Just one of the many delicious things Antonia made


  1. Looks like lots of fun. I miss seeing all the family!!

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